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Advanced UDP/TCP Active Port Forwarder

NetworkActiv AUTAPF is a very easy to use, quick to configure UDP and TCP Windows based port forwarder. AUTAPF is stand-alone and does not require any underlying components, for the port forwarding is done within the program itself. Designed with fault-tolerance and for high-throughput, AUTAPF supports a reliable and responsive network infrastructure.



At the time of this writing, the current trial version is limited in that it cannot be installed as a service during installation and that there is a periodic nag screen that pauses the forwarding while it's displayed; Note that these limitations may change at any time without notice.

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Quick information

Release date: 2007.October.07

Last updated: 2008.March.05

File size: 428/121/92 KB

Supported OS's: Windows(c) 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista/7/8 (32 or 64 bit)

Language options

Aside from the language options built into AUTAPF and available through the language choice dialog (through the Language->Change menu option), the following language string files are available for download. These are used through the bottom option on the language choice dialog just referred to. To download, right-click the download link and choose your browser's Save as... option.

The AUTAPF story

One day there was a person who needed to run a Quake III server on their second (internal) computer. The second computer accessed the Internet through their primary (gateway) computer via ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). NetworkActiv saw this need and thought 'here is an idea for a new program'. About a month later came about NetworkActiv AUTAPF, a configurable UDP and TCP port forwarder optimized for low lag multiplayer gaming and web-page-serving. Unfortunately, the aformentioned person no longer had an internet connection ;(

(A true story by NetworkActiv)

System requirements

An administrative user account may be required for certain port numbers.

Works on both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows.

Should function correctly with Wine.

Internet Explorer(c) version 5.0 or later may be required, and Windows 95 may need to be updated from Winsock 1 to Winsock 2.

Less than 1 MB of available disk space.

7 MB of available RAM.

Full line of available versions

Download version 1.1 - Standard:   EXE (.sig)   Zip (.sig)   7z (.sig)

Download version 1.1 - Unicode:    EXE (.sig)   Zip (.sig)   7z (.sig)

Download version 1.0 - Standard:   EXE   Zip   7z

Download version 1.0 - Unicode:    EXE   Zip   7z

Recent version update history

New features/changes in version 1.1.1:

New features/changes in version 1.1:

New features/changes in version 1.0.7:

New features/changes in version