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'Powered by NAWS' (and similar) images

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Powered by NAWS
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Usage notice (please read)

To use these images, simply use your browser's Save Image As function, usually available by right-clicking on the image that you want and choosing Save Image As... (or similar text).

Please do NOT link directly to the NetworkActiv Web site, but instead save these images to your own computer (preferably into a folder that you are sharing using NAWS) and then modify the HTML of your Web page file to include code that references that image. See below for example HTML code that you can use for this.

<a href="http://www.networkactiv.com/WebServer.html"><img src="/The_Alias/The_Image_Name.gif" alt="Powered by NetworkActiv" border=0></a>

To use the above code, simple paste it into your HTML at the location you wish the image to display, and then replace the corresponding parts so that it directs to the location you have the image saved to. For example, replace The_Alias with the alias name of the alias that points to the folder which you have the image saved into, and replace The_Image_Name.gif with the actual name of the image file. When your page is then loaded, the image should display just as it does above.