NetworkActiv AUTAPF Free to Try

Configurable UDP and TCP port forwarding. Define IP address ranges to allow or block for each port being forwarded, forward multiple ports simultaneously, view the current data throughput speed of each port forwarding operation, log connection events to a text file, and more.


NetworkActiv PortImport Free to Try + Freeware

Access ports on computers that are behind firewalls, gateways, and non-configurable routers. Simple and easy-to-use, requires only a single TCP connection outbound from protected LAN/computer and inbound to machine from which ports are to be accessed.


NetworkActiv TwoBind Freeware

Bind two TCP ports in a female-female configuration while letting clients from each side talk to clients of the opposite side. Automatically replicate data as needed to support one or more clients per side.


NetworkActiv PIAFCTM Freeware

Save files transferred from Web pages (including flash videos) and analyze network traffic and packet statistics.


NetworkActiv Port Scanner Freeware

With NetworkActiv Port Scanner, you can scan and explore internal LANs and external WANs, scan for ports, protocols, perform DNS-Digging, and more. All features were designed to provide the absolute highest performance possible on the Windows operating system.


NetworkActiv Web Server (NAWS) Freeware

Completely deploy a Web server to host your small to medium sized Web sites in just a few minutes, even if you haven't any previous experience with the software. Provided right-after-install is an easy to use Windows based graphical user interface requiring literally just several clicks to get fully configured for the average Web site. With support for industry standard features, such as CGI, PHP, and Perl, why waste hours of your precious time trying to configure an interface-challenged Web server?